New apple iPod touch has new features and it is very cheap only of 199 $ starting with all features you would like are follows: 

  • FaceTime:
In which both callers can see other and talk frequently.

  • HD recording video
This provides the feature of HD video recording.
720px HD video quality, built in microphone record

  • Retina display 
Doesn't harm your retina and you like to watch it more and more
326px per inch and a mere 78 micrometer across which normal human eye can not differentiate pixels

  • AirPlay
You can watch anything from small screen to large screen means you can connect to LCD to watch whatever is going on iPod screen, having Wi-Fi built-in

  • Music plus iTunes
It has 62 GB of storage you can store as many as music as you want, whenever you think a new is in market you are just a tap away from that to listen in iPod with original sound recorded.

  • Games & Applications
It is impossible to get bore when you have iPod touch with 500,000 even more applications of every category and more then 100,000 and even more games which no one else provides then iPod touch.

  •  iOS 5 operating system
The most advanced operating system of world for mobiles, almost running on every apple product.
200 new exciting features that will say "BEST EVER iPOD " and latest version of iOS 5.

  • iCloud
Content everywhere on your devices, it means to access all your iPod application, music, latest photos, latest videos on your PC or other devices its all automatic nothing required from you. It does work for you.
  • AirPrint
Whenever there is party or else gathering or gaming or racing, or your girlfriend's photo you can print it wirelessly with Wi-Fi signal, there is no need to install any software and installation.

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